Specialty Products & Application

By leveraging its NanoEmulsion technology, BCI Chemical has also developed a series of specialty products: 

Production Enhacement /Stimulation 

NanoFlowTM series are NanoEmulsion system that is specially designed to disperse asphaltenate compounds. It improves the rheology behaviour of heavy oil by reducing the viscosity and making the pipeline/ container surfaces water-wet. If the heavy crude oil also consists of solid particulates, it will also change the surface properties of these particulates, making them water-wet, desorb oil from surfaces and improve the quality of the heavy oil. 


OBM Filter Cake Breaker &  Wellbore Cleaning

Adi®SPACER series designed for wellbore cleaning. It is able to break and disperse the filter cakes, in the meanwhile provide the hydrophilic surfaces near wellbore after the treatment. It can be designed for specific gravity up to 1.2 or 10ppg. It is soluble and compatible in monovalent and divalent completion brine. Adi®SPACER is effective in acidic conditions and in temperatures up to 120°C

Pipe Dope Cleaning for Gravel Pack Completion. 

Adi®E-PICKLE is NanoEmulsion based and highly soluble in all the completion brine. It's designed for  thread compound cleanining especially for deepwater open hole gravel pack completion. Adi®E-PICKLE satisfies the entire requirement for with shorter cleaning time and phase stable over the working period. These excellent cleaning performances are achieved using frontier advancement in surface chemistry.


Green Biodegradable Degreaser for Oil and Gas Industry

Adi®E-KLEEN is a biodegradable degreaser,  has the ability to remove light to heavy oil contamination on metal surfaces and has a degreasing action similar to that of conventional BTX (benzene, toluene, and xylene) solvents. The biodegradable, aqueous-based product is non-toxic and is free of BTX solvents. Its high-flash point and low-VOC content make it easier to handle when compared to conventional BTX products. Adi®KLEEN (RW) is an other type of  cost effective biodegradable degreaser that for rig wash and general cleaning  application. 
Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Industry
Adi®E-FLOW is a series of single phase NanoEmulsion products with various flash points designed specifically for improving oil flowability  and hard surface cleaning for oilfield applications. Adi®E-FLOW 100 and Adi®E-FLOW 300 are biodegradable, eco-toxic friendly and meets OECD 301 specification. Adi®E-FLOW can be incorporated with organic/ inorganic acids, fresh water, sea water or brines. It can also be used as drill cutting cleaner,  pipe pickling agent, tank cleaning, sludge removal and treatment.