Invert Emulsion

BCI Chemical Corporation Sdn. Bhd. has developed a series of additives for invert emulsion drilling fluid to meet customers' requirements. All the additives developed can be specialize design to cater customers' needs, ranging from challenging wells such as horizontal, deepwater and high temperature-high pressure wells, to customize low cost emulsifiers and rheology modifiers for conventional wells.

BCI Chemical Research and Development (R&D) Center work closely with customers to customize their needs and optimize the performance of the drilling fluids. The R&D center has constantly co-develop technology with the customers, universities, and research institute to get the state-of-art technology out from the door.

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  • Adi®MUL-P

    A primary emulsifier to stabilize oil/water emulsion in invert emulsion drilling fluids. It is effective over a wide range of drilling fluids system that use paraffin, olefin, and diesel as base oil. It is designed to work at temperature range at and above 275°F

  • Adi®MUL-S

    A series of secondary emulsifier and wetting agent for water-in-oil drilling fluids. 

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  • Adi®TROL HT

    A fluid loss control for invert emulsion

  • Adi®TROL

    A gilsonite base fluid loss control for invert emulsion

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  • Adi®POLY-AC

    A rheology modifier to provide flat-rhelogy in synthetic-based drilling fluids. It is designed specifically to provide a constant rheology when subjected to low temperature. It maintains the rheology at the low end (3 & 6 rpm) across the temperature range from as low as 40°F to 150°F

  • Adi®MOD-S


    A dimer/trimer based, high-quality rheology modifier and low shear rate.
    An increaser in invert emulsion drilling fluids.
  • Adi®MOD-RM

    A synthetic polymer based, high-quality rheology modifier and low shear rate increaser in invert emulsion drilling fluids. It is unique with its ability to mix homogenous with/without organophilic clay in drilling mud.

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  • Adi®E-THIN


    A liquid dispersion for invert emulsion fluids to change the wetting characteristic of drill solid and reduce rheology that contribute by drill solid.

    A sulfonated sodium salt used to reduce rheology of invert emulsion system in deepwater application

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  • Adi®VIS

    An organophilic clay viscosifier and gelling agent

  • Adi®TONE

    An organopholic hectorite clay for high performance viscosifier

  • Adi® TONE HT

    Organopholic hectorite clay for high temperature viscosifier

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  • Adi®COAT

    A wetting agent to enhance dispersibility of the cuttings 

  • Adi®HDF 373

    A wetting agent and stabilizer for HTHP Invert Emulsion. It works effectively in high weight mud to control and reduce the yield point and gel strength.