Innovative Chemical Solution for Formation Rejuvenation

Production declined in brown field may not always relate to its natural depletion but may be contributed by various skin damages. In BCI Chemical, we believe our frontier advancement in NanoFlowTM solution from NanoEmulsion technology can solve these  near wellbore formation damages which occurred during completion, work-over, and production stages or during sand control processes. We provide an innovative chemical solution to treat organic and inorganic scale mixtures, high molecular weight organic compounds, wax & asphaltenes, natural surfactants & emulsion blockage, and heavy oil.


*      Restores wellbore/reservoir by spontaneously removing, dissolving and dispersing scales or deposits, mud filtrate, fines invasion, and emulsion blockage.
*      Reduces the interfacial tension between oil, formation water and deposit/ scale particles.
*      Breaks up emulsion caused by natural surfactants, carboxylic acids, naphthalene acids, waxes and calcium soaps
*      Restores permeability near wellbore
*      Improves wettability near wellbore
*      Improves and recovers oil production
*      Compatible with brines and acid stimulation (stable at a wide range of pH and salinity)
*      Inhibit the swelling of clays
*     Contains no-recognized carcinogens and free of benzene, toluene, and xylene aromatic solvent


Let NanoFlowTM Rejuvenate Formation Effectively

NanoFlowTM is a product of NanoEmulsion technology which is in single phase, clear, and thermodynamically stable. For a typical NanoEmulsion, the size of the droplets is < 50 nm, which is much smaller than the wavelength of light (400 nm ≤ λlight ≤ 700 nm). The interfacial tension between the aqueous and non-aqueous phase in NanoFlowTM can be as low as 10-6 mN/m.

NanoFlowTM can either be water-in-oil or oil-in-water NanoEmulsion. The unique ultra-low interfacial tension of NanoEmulsion enhances the removal of heavy oil/wax/asphaltene/inorganic scales spontaneously from the damaged formation skin, subsequently dispersing solids and providing water-wet surfaces, which is required for better oil recovery. 

Product Series
Treatment of formation damages
NanoFlow S8
Bull-heading/ coil-tubing 
High molecular  weight  organic compounds, natural surfactants, Naphthenates complex and emulsion blockage
NanoFlow S6
Bull-heading/ coil-tubing 
Organic deposit such as  heavy oil , wax, asphaltenes, paraffin, wax or mixture  of these compound
NanoFlow S2
Bull-heading/ coil-tubing 
Filter cake blockage, emulsion blockage during workover and completion
NanoFlow C Series
Continuous chemical injection
Long term solution for stable emulsion, wettability changes and water-shutoff


The NanoFlowTM approach was designed by our R&D team of heavy oil experts. It uses a proprietary technology, NanoEmulsion to remove organic scales, asphaltenes, high molecular weight wax, natural surfactants, heavy oil, naphthenates complex and emulsion blockage in the flow channels of the rock near well bore. BCI Chemical offers series of analytical analysis of crude oil sample or scale and designs the best chemical solution to restore formation and produce more oil. After treatment, continued monitoring and optimization are taking place if needed. Below are 5 procedures to be carried out by our team and partners in solving formation damages.

       I.          Sample Analysis
     II.          Design treatment
    III.          Field Test
   IV.          Monitoring Program
     V.          Optimization