Biodegradable Degreaser

BCI Chemical Bio-Degreasing Technology features series of biodegradable surfactants that designed to reduce the surface tension, water-wet surfaces and remove hydrocarbon (grease) effectively. It is free from BTX solvent (Benzene-Toluene-Xylene), environmental friendly, and poses no hazard to engineers or workers who handle it onsite.

It cleans, remove oil from surfaces of machine compartments, working platform, pipeline before and after treatment with descaler and anticorrosion, engineering tools and equipments in the production platform or workshop.BCI research team showed capability to custom make cleaning agents to prove particular cost effective solutions to enhance current degreasing effectiveness, reduce exposure to toxic chemicals/solvents and disposal/recycle plan for cleaning waste.

Adi®E-KLEEN Series 

Adi®KLEEN-RW Series 

Recently,  BCI Chemicals Sdn Bhd (BCI) has been awarded the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation in Oil & Gas Biodegradable Degreaser due to its innovative value proposition in the Asia Pacific region. Frost & Sullivan believes that BCI, with different facets of the biodegradable degreasers and NanoEmulsion technology can cater to the market requirements of BTX-solvent-free degreasers. With more and more companies preferring to use environmentally friendly degreasers instead of conventional hydrocarbon based products, BCI Chemicals is expected to emerge as one of the companies that address the industry’s need for effective removal of oil and grease from a wide range of components across various industries in the Asia Pacific region.